We are the experts.

Not to brag, but we really know what we are doing. Let us prove it to you.

How we work.

1 We assess your needs through our Technology Integration Evaluation and design a solution tailored to your needs, a system that will work simply and effectively without a bunch of unnecessary options.

2 Our installation team are trained professionals who ensure your technology investment is connected properly with easy operation in mind. We work cleanly and quietly, and are fully licensed and insured.

3 Nobody wants to read through a stack of owner’s manuals, we offer customized on-site training sessions for your new system. If your equipment needs an update or repair, our Maintenance Assurance Program minimizes downtime and gets you back up and running quickly.

What We Do Best

Video Systems

  • Display Technology

    No matter the size, shape, or type of display you need, we can provide you with the best solution that is within your budget.

  • Video Distribution

    We can build your system to share one source or independently switch between a hundred different sources.

  • Digital Signage

    From dedicated signage to your own branding on live TV broadcasts, we maximize the effectiveness of your video displays.

  • Video Calibration

    Accurate colors, extended display life, and less viewer fatigue are just some of the benefits to a properly calibrated video system.

Audio Systems

  • Distributed Audio

    Whether you need speakers in one room or an entire building, we will deliver a system that provides the coverage and quality that you need.

  • Acoustic Treatments

    Great speakers never sound so great in many commercial settings. We tame these harsh acoustic environments with treatments that blend in with your aesthetic.

  • Specialty Speakers

    Sometimes a normal speaker just won’t do the job. We specialize in parabolic focusing, line array, and surface transducer technologies, delivering sound for any application.

  • Wireless Systems

    Wired microphones are very reliable, but not very convenient. Let us cut the cord for you, without sacrificing quality or performance.

Control Systems

  • Automate and Celebrate

    Is your IT staff being relied on to fix A/V problems as well? A proper control system makes things easy to operate and eliminates unnecessary support tickets.

  • We speak your language

    Our touch screen interfaces are custom programmed for your organization. If your users want a button that says “Turn On Doodads,” we’ll make it happen.

  • Lighting and shades

    From automated lighting and room occupancy sensors to custom shading and window treatments, we do more than just turn on and off the TV.

  • Remote Control

    Literally, “remote” control is what we are talking about. Adjust system settings, view room useage, and monitor service issues from anywhere in the world.